Dignity in Finance breakfast event 8.2.2017

Our new year 2017 began with a new and exciting breakfast event called Dignity in Finance. The discussion, moderated by Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry Founder Kamilla Sultanova, addressed questions related to finance, banking and gender diversity in finance.  The event was powered by Nasdaq and organized together with our Finnish NGO Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry. At our event, the emphasis was on cross-level communication, the exchange of ideas and experiences and of course networking.

We would like to thank all the participants of the event. We really appreciate that you came and joined conversation both as a panelist and a participant. We would still like to ask you to follow us on social media and post your highlight from this event so we can come back and do more. This was a pilot for us and we hope to hear from you and see you in our future events. Feel free to engage & be active on social media with hashtags & inspire #globaldignityFi #dignityinfinance, follow us on social media, retweet & spread a dignity message and give us ideas or join our crew!

Dignity in Finance advice:

Women should network not only with other women but also with men.

Erja Retzén started by pointing out that women do not put eggs in the same basket, so to say. Also those who have broke the glass ceiling have had a good role model. The difference between men and women is that men are more networked, females are a bit of “lonely wolves”. ’’When you network – choose also strategic networking, and do not cultivate networking exclusively based on mutual sympathy. The lonely wolf-strategy does not work in the long run’’

Think smart and start small. Get new responsibilities whenever possible. When you invest in women, everyone wins.

Juhani Laitala told his career path – he was a CEO when he was 22 years old. He went from financing to corporate banking. He thinks that the most important thing is to find your own strengths. The recipe for success is simple. One should take care of four different aspects in his/her life: spend time with your family, at work and with our friends and also by yourself. ’’Remember to always dream big’.’

One can be successful and happy by being active and taking time to finding his/her passion in any age you are. 20s, 30s, 40s etc.

Leila Gharavi raised an important question: how to appeal to girls? She said that it is vital to move forward – staying where you are in not appealing after a while. It is important to realise that you are the assets you have.

The recipe for success in finance is being trilingual: one should be able to talk technology, 2. people and 3. numbers.

Janne Tienari pointed out that banking has a serious image problem and the challenges are not only related to women’s situation. In working life it is important to realise that you cannot beat competence and hard work but one also needs support from other people. ‘’Cultivate your boss, even though it seems improper in Finland – bosses are human beings, too.’’

The key is to do things you are passionate about, the things you really like.

Heidi Schaumann talked about her personal history. She said that when she was younger she thought that everyone was smarter and better than her. (Remember her anecdote ”people in bigger cities and small towns). Her life turned around when she realized that she is smart enough and she can do big things. Talking about the lack of women in finance, an interesting point of view was that women are missing from these positions because there simply are no women to hire. Does this imply a need for more ambition and networking? ‘’Try to spot structural barriers, if you belong to the group that is not white, male and competitive. Some of the barriers will also be your own, so get over them or around them.’’

All of the panelists agreed that women should be braver when applying for a job – you do not have to tick all the boxes to send the application. Also the importance of a good boss was acknowledged. How to get diversity to a workplace when the HR department is blocking the development? In this kind of situation the practice should be altered and people (in this case: all young people) should challenge the way things are done.

The Golden Rule: Be heard, Do active networking, be open and dream big!

Heidi Schauman

Heidi Schauman

Chief Economist at Aktia

Heidi Schauman is the Chief Economist of Aktia. She is responsible for the macroeconomic forecasts and analyses of the bank. Her work includes the analysis of the events and phenomena from the point of view of both the economy of Finland and world economy. Preparing analyses concerning especially monetary, money market and economic policies are an important part of her work.

Before joining Aktia, she worked as a Senior Analyst in Nordea Markets. During her career she has also worked in several tasks in the Bank of Finland, where she was in charge of analysing the euro-zone economy and preparing monetary decision-making. While working in the Bank of Finland, she also participated in producing forecasts of the Finnish economy.

Throughout her career she has followed and analysed other Nordic countries from a Finnish point of view and has considered this very rewarding. Labour markets have a special place in her heart. She graduated from Hanken School of Economics in 2003, with a major in Economics. In 2006 she received a PhD from Hanken for her doctoral thesis on labour market matching.

Kamilla Sultanova

Kamilla Sultanova

Chairman at Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry

Kamilla Sultanova is a founder of Global dignity Girls & Boys ry in Finland, with her 7 years experience in international trade in a maritime sector and as an advocate for inclusion, ethnic and gender diversity, she will be moderating the debate. She brings her knowledge of the topics in the Nordic environment. Kamilla is a member of Transatlantic inclusion network with German marshall Fund and European young leaders 40 under 40 in Brussels.
Erja Retzen

Erja Retzen

Senior Managing Director at Nasdaq Nordic

Erja Retzén is Senior Managing Director at Nasdaq Nordic, Global Listing Services. She works closely with existing and future issuers listed on Nasdaq Nordic, and furthermore specializes in mining and gaming sectors, as well as in the growth company scene. Erja joined Nasdaq in 2005 and has held several executive positions in the company. Prior to Nasdaq Erja had managerial roles within marketing communications, business excellence, and project management. Erja holds a M.Sc. (Eng.) in industrial engineering and management.

Janne Tienari

Janne Tienari

Professor of Management and Organization at Hanken School of Economic

Janne Tienari is Professor of Management and Organization at Hanken School of Economics. His two areas of specialization are strategy work and gender and management where he has studied fields such as financial services. His latest passion is to understand management, new generations, and the future.

Nina Alag Suri

Nina Alag Suri

Founder & Chief Entrepreneur at Nastrac Group

Nina Alag Suri is the Founder and Chief Entrepreneur of Nastrac Group. An electronics engineer, Nina grew up in India and has lived and worked in 7 countries. She setup Nastrac in 1997 and her outstanding leadership skills and passion for the business has won her many accolades and ensured that Nastrac is a multi-award winning strategic-leadership global search enterprise.

Juhani Laitala

Juhani Laitala

Country Manager at Atradius

Juhani Laitala is working for global credit insurance company Atradius as a Country Manager Finland. He has broad experience working with Finnish and international companies. Before Atradius Juhani Laitala used to work for OP Bank Group in various positions.