Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry goes street art with #InsideOutHelsinki

Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry goes street art with #InsideOutHelsinki

Our exhibit #InsideOutHelsinki was launched on 6.11.17 with pink skies, proud parents, and dancing public to the sounds of youth cheeky R&B duo AK, rapper and community champion Hassan Maikal, passionate blogger Fatima Hassan and modern African balafon vibes performed by Amadou and Sanni. Exhibition is free of charge and you can visit it until 7.1.2018. Please share your thoughts and tag #InsideOutHelsinki #insideoutproject #globaldignityfi #arvokassina.


#InsideOutHelsinki initiative is a community-based project in cooperation with Global Dignity and InsideOutproject with Mr. JR as a mastermind behind black-white exhibits. InsideOutProject has already spanned 129 countries and over 260,000 people participated in various actions from climate change to human rights.

Are we not thrilled to bring InsideOutProject initiative to Finland and to Scandinavia? Yes, we are!
It reflects also a personal mission of Kamilla Sultanova, the woman behind Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry and who always strives to bring the world together. Kamila is born and raised in Uzbekistan, Russian is her native language, she has lived half of her life in Denmark and now her home is Finland.

“I wanted to show the world that there are many people like me, world citizens and it is okay to be diverse, we are all humans. I want to inspire young people of all backgrounds share their story, their dreams and make their own choices” says Kamilla.

An art statement of celebration of humanity, modern Finnish youth and cultural diversity.
Each person and and each portrait represents dignity, empathy, compassion and self-respect.
We want each person to be accepted for who they are. At the same time, our strong belief is that young people should stand up for themselves and be an advocate of change.

There is a lot of indignity going in the world politics that divide, all sorts of phobias, racism, discrimination and fears.
But there are 51 young participants who speak at least 2-3 languages, have dreams and these Finnish young people also represent 25 different ethnic backgrounds, this is Finland 2017!

Finland celebrates 100 years birthday in 2017 and through #InsideOutHelsinki we hope that all of us in Finland help each other grow a common sense of purpose together in peace and in trust.


The team behind #InsideOutHelsinki

Vanessa Daniel is a Bachelor of Social Services working to better the lives of the youth. She is based in Helsinki, Finland. Her special knowledge is in intersectional feminism and culturally sensitive work methods. She strives towards preventing social exclusion and inequality. For her equality does not mean that everyone is given the same amount of support, it means that everyone are given enough support to reach the same goals in life.

“This art project is so beautiful and meaningful that I agreed to be part of it immediately. I feel that representation is the key in growing a stronger and healthier identity. Therefore, it’s important to display the diversity of Finnish youth for everyone to see. By showing diversity, we will also strengthen the feeling of dignity in our youth, our future. I’m truly grateful for being a part of making this wonderful exhibition.”

Zhanna is a visual artist and online community builder from Helsinki and a super-woman photographer behind #InsideOutHelsinki. Born in Saint-Petersburg she moved to Helsinki in 2006. Zhanna has studied in Rome at Istituto Paritario San Sisto Vecchio and at School of Theater, TV and Show-business in Saint-Petersburg. She is interested in Eastern and Western philosophy, in psychology and in personal development. Follow Zhanna on her channel:

“For me “InsideoutHelsinki is a great opportunity to work as a photographer and to capture beautiful portraits of these amazing young people. I have been in all corners of the city, around 20 different schools and it was a great experience for me. I think the exhibition shows the diversity of Finnish people and these young people are our future.”

Kamilla Sultanova is a rebellious community builder, highly networked event producer, education enthusiast and a sales professional. She is born and raised in Uzbekistan and now is based in Finland after living and working in Denmark and the US. She is a part of change maker networks such as European Young Leaders “40 under 40” and German Marshall Fund Trans-Atlantic Inclusion leaders. She has been running and initiating Global Dignity events in Finland since 2015.


The exhibition is free of charge and you can visit it until 7.1.2018.

Thanks for all our brave participants and generous sponsors, Juhani Laitala from Atradius Suomi, Marianne Virre from City Center Helsinki shopping mall, Rozza Dragoz from Harju Youth center, Alejandro Lorenzo, Kaisa Nuutamo and Cynthia Guyer CEO Global Dignity for the opportunity!

Happy pre-holiday season!

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