Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry update on Spring 2017

Hope you are having a nice summer! Thanks for visiting Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry page! Save the date: October 18th 2017 is our Global Dignity Day!

To all people that you are: girls and boys, teachers, parents, grandparents, principals, business leaders, siblings etc. To anyone a lack of self-confidence, anxiety, failures, fear and lack of hope in tomorrow are not foreign – all have gone through some of these feelings and failures – but question is how to continue with hope and be the best version of yourself in today’s VOCA (volatile, uncertain complex and ambiguous) reality which is full of indignity? We address it with claiming dignity to yourself and to others. Since 2015 more than 3000 young people have been taking part in GD Girls & Boys ry events which are 2 hour workshops to help students feel worthy and embrace their future with stronger self-esteem and self-confidence.

What have we been up to? We have had 3 events during past year, small and big (listed below) all with a personal touch, personal stories which usually are followed by a goose-bump effect and yet based on practical issues of life each one of us deals with daily.

People participated in our events since 2015: 3000 students and teachers

Events & workshops held: 7

Main target audience: 7-8-9th graders

Keywords: #dignity #selfconfidence #selfesteem #future

Since 2015 more than 3000 young people have been taking part in GD Girls & Boys ry events which are 2 hour workshops to help students feel worthy and embrace their future with stronger self-esteem and self-confidence.  Last year, over 500,000 young people participated in Global Dignity Day events in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Our goal is to grow beyond awareness of dignity and to build a platform which empowers each young individual to 1. take control of his/her life. 2. get more confident through GD projects and 3. have a better understanding of values such as dignity, courage and caring equally in personal & professional life.

We collaborate with famous and up-and-coming “kick-ass” personalities, who are literally living the dignity and inspire people every day. These individuals donate their time and engage with us on non-commercial basis to inspire and raise awareness on dignity topics. Speakers are usually also inspired to be on stage as they are inspiring to hear!


Dignity in Finance

Dignity in Finance took place on February 8th, 2017 with a new approach to host smaller diverse audience to cover topics such as diversity, money, social capital exchange

Thanks to Nasdaq, “Dignity in Finance” event opened doors to 40 people for a breakfast and a discussion on how women and men relate to money subjects and how to give more dignity to the financial sector, stereotypes, carrier choices and representation. Panel represented both men and women from the industry. After the event, notes have been distributed to participants to ensure the tips, advices and contacts were shared and documented.

Thanks to all volunteers and our speakers: Juhani Laitala from Atradius, Heidi Schauman from Aktia, Janne Tienari from Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan and our host & panelist Erja Retzén from Nasdaq.

Finnish Inclusion leaders seminar

Finnish Inclusion leaders seminar held on March 27th, 2017 – new approach to host smaller audience on the topic of inclusion

Finnish Inclusion Leaders network seminar, GD received a German Marshall fund grant of 4000 USD basis GMF alumni grant (Transatlantic inclusion leaders network). It was a seminar where 20 Finnish young inclusion leaders were selected to discuss visions of what society we want to be part of. The US Embassy was our grand host and enabled us with a good location for a personal leadership training, discussions, storytelling with young leaders from various ethnic backgrounds, civic, public and business environments to promote more empathy and a strong leadership to build a better Finland the next 100 years. #Suomi100

After the event, a YouTube trailer went viral to promote and gather the network on Facebook (Finnish inclusion leaders network ) to stay in touch, share ideas and use a platform to organize for years to come. Watch the trailer in here:

Taitaja Global Dignity 2017

Taitaja Global Dignity 2017 went live on May 18th, 2017. The largest event we have ever dreamed about took place at Taitaja 2017 – during 4 day professional skills competition. GD event focused on putting skills on the agenda, as well as dignity principles, self-esteem and self-confidence. 2 hours, 7 speakers, 2 dances, 1 DJ performance. You can view pictures of the event here.

At Taitaja, students from Finland and other countries competed in 53 professions to be number 1 to proceed to World Skills in Abu Dhabi in October 2017. With Taitaja Global dignity 2017 event we reached 1600 young people & other guests. Prior to the event a photo-booth with GD logo has created 1000s of photos to take home. This massive dream-come true event would not be possible without support of Helsinki Business College and Taitaja. Watch our video here and get some speakers’ advice from our video:

Received feedback shows there is a need for our events to raise more awareness! More so, we also got to tell about our initiatives on Spirit FM radio, local Russian-Finnish newspaper Spektr, TV Alfa TV and endorsed on 2 blogs and on social media. Social media campaigns reached over 50,000 people. Wicked!


Global Dignity Forum, Oslo 3-4th May

Kamilla Sultanova was invited along with 36 other Global Dignity country chairs to take part in an annual Global Dignity forum in Oslo. Cynthia Guyer is a newly elected CEO for Global Dignity and we met to discuss the strategies, share best practices and share our dreams about our Global Dignity future! It was a great initiative by HRH Crown Prince Haakon and possibility to feel the dignity spirit in a large turnout.

At the GD summit, our commitment is stronger than ever and thanks for our volunteers, interns, sponsors and teachers of secondary schools, who has been there from day 1.


What can you do?

  • Engage with us on social media, volunteer or donate to make our events reach Finnish youth outside Helsinki region
  • #globaldignityfi #arvokassina
  • Follow us on social media, retweet & spread a dignity message
  • Feel free to give ideas or join our crew

Best regards,

Global Dignity Girls & Boys ry team

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