Terveiset Soulaima Gouranilta!

Tanskalaisen Global Dignityn hallituksen jäsen, Soulaima Gourani, lähetti meille vastikään terveisensä. Gourani oli mukana kehittämässä alkuperäistä Global Dignity Girls -tapahtumaa ja on tukenut myös suomalaista työryhmäänme. Gourani on ollut avainasemassa Tanskan Global Dignityn toiminnassa, mutta on paremmin tunnettu kansainvälisesti menestyneenä yrittäjänä, neuvonantajana ja kirjailijana.

So happy to share with you all that #Finland is going to have its FIRST @GlobalDignity Girls event. In fact it is a global movement which this year is expected to surpass 70 countries. Every year over 300,000 young people gather to experience Global Dignity days which is a 2 hours workshops about dignity. As a protector for Global Dignity Denmark, I have initiated the event for not only girls but also boys, parents and each year we invite thousands to ignite and empower them with dignity, the power to dream and feeling of strong self-esteem and confidence. All of this with the help of great role models both men and women who are a true inspiration to each of us.

Its very complex to be a teenager these days. Lots of choices to be made. But if you have an internal compass build on dignity, you will never be totally lost.

This month, I had taken part in the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, where global leaders and business leaders meet to propose solutions to improve the state of the world covering issues such as climate change, society issues, poverty and economic crisis. The founders of Global Dignity movement Pekka Himanen, HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and I had also spoken about Global Dignity expanding also with Global Dignity Girls this year in Finland. It takes great effort to create such events and needs an enthusiastic team of volunteers to make it real!

Go Finland let us put dignity on the agenda – its never been more important than now!
I am sure you will enjoy it!

Best regards,
Soulaima Gourani

Yrittäjä, neuvonantaja ja kirjailija Soulaima Gourani


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