Youth empower youth during Dream Youth Forum!

On May 24th 2018 Global dignity team was invited again to join all-Finland youth festival in Nokia headquarters. We participated the event back in 2016 and received a great feedback for our workshops with Ronja Salmi & Kamilla Sultanova from Idea to Reality.

The topic for this year Dreams Forum was “The world is changing, dreaming boldly” (=maailma muuttuu, unelmoi rohkeasti). Two teams were selected to be volunteer facilitators.







Helsinki youth representatives (Helsingin nuorisoneuvosto) and 9th graders from Taivallahden peruskoulu who were to capture student’s dreams on a board during an opening of the event. Helsingin nuorisoneuvosto signed up to be our workshop providers. It was done so that young people can inspire young people and thereby use peer-to-peer learning workshops. Peer learning essentially refers to students learning with and from each other as fellow learners without any implied authority to any individual, based on the tenet that “Students learn a great deal by explaining their ideas to others and by participating in activities in which they can learn from their peers” (‘Introduction: Making the Move to Peer Learning’. In Boud, D., Cohen, Ruth & Sampson, Jane, 2001.

We had 2 teams, team Helsingin Nuorisoneuvosto and team Taivallahdenkoulu. Team 9th graders at Taivallahden peruskoulu took part of volunteers Mikaela, Ria, Filip ja Ville and Esa, career counsellor. Their work was through interacting with students in noting down their dreams, to say that: “me kaikki olemme arvokkaita ja että meillä jokaisella on oma ainutlaatuinen persoonallisuutemme ja arvokkuuttemme.”








Team Nuorisoneuvosto concluded of Evi Koivunen, Sigrid Autio, Kaapo Haapanen and Vivian Lungkvist. Together they had planned workshops for 2 groups, 1 hour each to help students clarify their hobbies, their strengths and how to get to their future student job.

“Moi, mun nimi on Sigrid. Tänään olen tänään ollut vapaaehtoisena edustajana Global Dignity Finlandilla täällä Unelmafoorumissa. Mahtava fiilis ollut koko päivän. Kiitos kaikille, jotka osallistuivat meidän työpajaan. Kiitos foorumille hyvin järjestetystä tapahtumasta”

We took some photos during the workshops and results of some students. After which each participant got a thank you certificate and recognition of bringing dignity to all our young and brave facilitators.








Kamilla Sultanova: “I have not tried to hire young workshop facilitators before and it was a great challenge, to find, pitch and get students on board. Our cooperation showed that we should trust and be able to coach a little and the rest will follow. I hope it will inspire more people to engage and inspire each other across age, backgrounds and across Finland.

Thanks to Dreams project manager Hanna Koskenkangas for cooperation, we are thankful to to bring more dreams together and put more focus on youth issues!


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